Fundraising stories

In February 2014, Edinburgh University students Alexa Maclean and Georgie Walker took part in a fundraiser, managing to get all the way from Edinburgh to Mykonos in Greece, without spending a penny. They raised £560 for Global Concerns. Here is their story…

The Edinburgh Rag Jailbreak was an overwhelmingly impressive experience that is definitely once in a lifetime. The first day, Friday February 14th, was a series of ups and downs but we were uplifted by people’s generosity and words of wisdom as they helped us along the way. By that night we had surpassed our own expectations and managed to successfully hitchhike from Edinburgh to London.

We were excited beyond belief about what the next part of our trip would bring. When we approached Harlequin Event Services on Saturday morning about our cause, and we were taken aback by their enthusiasm. We must have spent four hours calling, emailing, texting everyone we knew who could help, and figuring out how far we would be able to make it while the clock was ticking.

After a certain point, we hopped in the car and headed to the airport with a million miles and destinations in mind. Athens ended up being our final destination because we figured what better place to end a race than at the place where they began: The Olympics. We were again blessed to arrive in Athens on a beautiful sunrise at 7am.

One of our Jailbreak photofavorite memories of Jailbreak 2014 was sitting on the back of the ferry to Mykonos drifting to sleep thinking about the journey we had and the generosity of those who supported us. It was an incredible opportunity to test the limits of what people are capable of when they come together under a common goal. Global Concerns Trust provides the platform to bring people together to change communities and it was our privilege to participate in this race on its behalf.

Bon Voyage,

Alexa Maclean and Georgie Walker