GCT Membership Small Print

The Global Concerns Trust (GCT) is a limited company and a charity. As such we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting, at which the Trustees report on the activities of the previous year and give a picture of the financial state of the company. Elections are also held to select the Trustees for the coming year. On occasion it could also happen that the members have a serious concern about an issue relating to the running of the Company, and in such circumstances the members may call an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider their concerns.

Only those people who have been members of the Company for a minimum of 6 months may attend and vote at either of these kinds of meetings. In addition only members can be put forward to be Trustees. It is therefore important that the Global Concerns Trust has a supportive group of members in order that it can function smoothly.
Membership contributions: The Trustees have decided that all those who wish to be members will make a regular financial contribution to the charity. This will fund the running costs of the organisation and mean that 100% of all donations and fundraising can continue to be directed to our projects.


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