Loveness was not able to continue with school because her parents could not afford to pay her school fees. She could neither find a job nor a training opportunity due to lack of required academic certificates and money for fees. So she depended on peace work in surrounding farms for her income. However her disability limited how far she could go in search of work. In good months she earned about Mk 15,000,00 per month. The income earned supported herself and her family.

But early in 2019 Loveness sent a request for training to Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Organisation (KODO) in Salima. Her request was accepted and she was given an opportunity to do tailoring training under GCT Tools and Training for Livelihood Project. She started her training in April 2019.

The trainingĀ  gave Loveness skills and knowledge to make differentĀ  garments such as skirts, petticoats, blouses, dresses, shirts, short trousers etc as well as use and care of a sewing machine. She also learned about HIV and AIDS, how to make composite manure, gender and reproductive health and basic business management skills. She completed her training in September 2019.

After graduation she was given a hand sewing machine and it’s accessories as well as raw materials for her to start a tailoring business. When she returned home Loveness started her business. The people in her village and the surrounding area were satisfied with her skills and. they continue to give her lots of tailoring jobs. She no longer goes around looking for peace work in surrounding farms. Now people bring her work. Her monthly income has grown to Mk 45,000.00 per month, which is a 200% increase.