KODO provide training courses in tailoring and cane furniture-making and have trained hundreds of adults with disabilities through this program, supporting them to start up businesses.

It is George’s determination and hard work that has seen the transformation of KODO from a one-roomed training space in his house, to a thriving educational community with a hall, hostel and training spaces, contained within 4 acres of sustainably farmed land, which produces enough food for the community.
Trainees live together at KODO for the duration of their training and the sense of community and fellowship that develops between the trainees is palpable. For many of them this will be the first time they have had the opportunity to leave their homes and meet other people with disabilities. The importance of these friendships together with an increased sense of confidence and self worth that comes from the training, cannot be underestimated.

KODO also partner Ecosolidar to provide sustainable agricultural training to people with disabilities and with PET to provide disability aids.