Children engaging in the Assisted and Lifelong Learning Programmes who live around LR Nagar are encouraged to attend sessions after school hours at the CCC. Here children can practice yoga, handwriting, languages and diction, poetry recitation, theatre, singing, sports, skits, focus group discussions, debates, and elocutions.  Children are encouraged to always work with their head, hands, and heart.

The following values are fostered:

  •       Critical thinking
  •       Being ethical
  •       Accepting change
  •       Being open to new perspectives
  •       Believing in goodness in each person
  •       Understanding diversity, inclusion, equality
  •       Developing resilience

Monthly Birthday celebrations at CCC – The last Saturday of every month is reserved for celebrating the birthdays of the students, sponsors, donors, well-wishers, and mentors.  When possible, donors, sponsors, well-wishers join us for two hours of fun, festivity, and special snacks. Children come in their best clothing, and sing and dance in front of an audience.