The Assisted & lifelong Learning Programme (ALLP) is a holistic ‘after school learning support’ for children who have been rescued from child labour, have dropped-out-of-school for various reasons and those at risk of being trafficked.

Global Concerns India (GCI) supports 250 children through the ALP. Since 2017, GCT has been able to support twenty students. The ALLP is designed to offset some of the problems children face in their homes from alcoholic fathers, working parents, a lack of space to study and lack of adult support to learn.

Half of the children’s school fees are supported by GCI (funds are raised by friends of GCI), for individual students. GCI insists that parents should pay half of the school fees for their children. The aim is to continuously encourage families to be part of this journey, and more often it is the mothers of these children who get involved.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have been closed and children are required to connect remotely. GCI has been able to facilitate this by providing students internet and tablets to use at the Children’s Creativity Centre to continue with their education.

If you’d like to support the ALLP, please think of this project in your next fundraising activity or:

A donation of £5 will:

  • Cover a child’s school fees for a month
  • Cover a child’s medical expenses for a month
  • Buy a student a pair of school shoes
  • Buy a student’s school uniform

A donation of £10 will:

  • Pay for a child’s day trip (picnic in the park, a ride on the toy train, ice cream​ and games)
  • Buy a child a pair of shoes, socks and under garments

A donation of £20 will:

  • Cover a child’s school fees for four months
  • Buy a child’s uniform, socks, a set of under garments and a school bag ​

A donation of £65 will:

  • Cover a child’s school fees for one year